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Boarding Services


 We offer a supportive, educational environment for our clients and their equine partners. Our facility boasts a new and bright indoor arena with jumps set all winter and four outdoor sand rings that offer ample training space for the summer. The rings are set with competition quality Hunter and Jumper fences and are perfect for clients looking to improve their ability to navigate the show rings around the province. Edenview is located on 82 acres with a small hardwood bush in the centre so hacking is safe and fun. Edenview Equestrian Center has a number of boarding options for every level of owner.

We offer a full lesson program but boarders are not required to commit to regular lessons.  We also welcome a variety of disciplines on a case by case basis.

We have a wide variety of references available from pleasure/recreation boarders, silver and gold competition boarders, long-term retirement stays, and absent owners.


Standard BOARD | Starts at $450+HST

Daily group turnout

Two scoops of grain a day

Hay fed 4 times daily or free choice hay

Outdoor heated water in the winter

Salt available in all stalls


Training Board | starting at $970+HST

Limited spots available for training. Includes three training sessions per week. Sales photos, video, and prep for viewings available at additional cost.

Contact us for more information.

*NEW* Outdoor Board | $350+HST

We are now offering outdoor board to clients who do not wish to be part of our lesson program. Dedicated mare and gelding paddocks with shelters, heated water buckets, and free choice hay.


Retirement, Absent Owners | starting at $550+HST

We are happy to accept retirees, horses recovering from injury, and we welcome owners who need somewhere to keep their horse while they are away at school, travelling etc.

Custom options available. References available. 


Non-Lessoning Board | starting at $550+HST

We are now offering board for riders who are not looking to change barns permanently but who want to take advantage of our facility to prepare for the upcoming show season.


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Coaching Services

Our Goal

At Edenview, your goals are our goals. We have adopted a flexible coaching program that adapts to meet the individual needs of each rider. Whether you're looking to experience riding for the first time, or need that extra polish on your performance to get you to the top, Edenview can help! Our program focuses on equitation and biomechanics of both horse and rider, ensuring a working partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Our COmmitment

As funny as it may sound, we actually teach you how to ride! Unlike others, Edenview does not offer group lessons - in the world of equestrianism, one size does not fit all! A one-on-one lesson allows riders to learn in a supportive, relaxing environment. This type of environment makes for quick progress and more consistent learning. If you are willing to commit to learning, we will commit to bringing out the best rider in you.

Our Philosophy

There is more to riding than simply staying on the horse. After experiencing our coaching, we want you to feel like you have not only mastered the art of horsemanship, but that you have also mastered skills that will impact how you live your life. Skills such as self respect, confidence, goal planning, commitment, and consistency are all key components we strive to impart to all our riders. 


Experienced Students

Riders with previous experience will go through an assessment process to determine what level they're working at and how we can best work to improve their skills and understanding. We will take a look at riding position, evaluate general riding skills and comprehension, and get a feel for your general understanding of foundational riding concepts and theories.  We need to get to know you as much as you need to get to know us! We encourage riders with previous experience to take advantage of this assessment period to ask as many questions as they can, clarify concepts and terminology etc. We know that moving barns and changing coaches can be stressful and confusing so we try to be sensitive to those feelings and maintain an open and approachable atmosphere.

Beginner Students

New students with little or no riding experience will start by either being led or working on a lunge line to ensure a safe and positive introduction to riding. We recommend starting new riders with a 30 minute session to allow for development of correct muscles and balance while preventing tired and sore muscles. New riders will be present for the tacking and pre-lesson preparations to learn and understand what is involved and will gradually be encouraged to help and participate in the process as they learn and become more comfortable in the barn and around our horses.



We encourage all new clients to come meet us, take a tour of our facility, and watch a lesson with students of a similar experience level to get a feel for what to expect from our coach and lesson style.


Introductory Lesson Session |$340+HST

All new riders begin with the Introductory session. Includes one lesson per week for two months. This session begins with a one hour lesson, followed by seven 30 minute rides. Once this session is complete, riders may choose to stream into a Standard session, Competition session, or Advanced session. All sessions are paid and scheduled in advance.

Standard Lesson Session |$160.00 +HST

Available after the Introductory Lesson Session is complete. One 30 minute ride per week. Paid monthly, in advance.

Competition Session |$320.00+HST

Available after the Introductory Lesson Session is complete. Two 30 minute rides per week. Paid monthly, in advance

Advanced Session |$240

Available to riders who are leasing or own their own horse and are proficient enough to be riding outside of lesson times. One 60 minute ride per week. Paid monthly, in advance.



Lynne brings over 30 years of riding and coaching experience to every lesson. With a focus on equitation and biomechanics, Lynne ensures all her riders not only understand how to sit on a horse but have a solid grasp on the theory and foundations that work together to produce an effective rider. In her many years of coaching experience Lynne has worked with horses and riders in a number of different disciplines with both competitive and pleasure goals.

  • Certified Course Designer

  • NCCP Courses: Making Ethical Decisions & Making Head Way in Sport Concussion Protocol Module, Equestrian Theory Workshop

  • NCCP First Aid


Interested in joining our lesson program?

Email us today to book an appointment to meet Lynne and discuss your riding goals.

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