Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Ontario Equestrian membership to compete at Edenview?

Yes, we require all our participants to be OEF members if they are planning to attend our series. Not a member yet? Visit the OEF today! We also recognize private insurance coverage such as BFL, Henry Equestrian, etc. 

How do the Open Schooling Days work?

Our Open Schooling days start at 11:00am and go until around 5:00pm, schooling is $40.00 per horse/rider combination or $20.00 if the horse/rider combination have pre-entered for the upcoming competition weekend. Fill out the form available on the Downloads page, send it in, and we will confirm your arrival time.  If you are a coach scheduling for multiple riders, send us a message and we can set aside a block of spaces at a time that suits you and your riders. We run schooling days as a means of providing riders and horses with an opportunity to work in the rings in a show-like atmosphere. Warm up, head to the rings, jump a course or two, take a break, and head back in for another course or two. 

Does Edenview run schooling classes on show days?

We run a morning x-rail schooling class starting at 7:30am on Sundays for inexperienced riders and green horses entered in the Beginner, Novice, and Open W/T divisions. We also offer one unjudged schooling round preceding the 2'0", 2'3", and 2'6"/2'9" Divisions. 

My child is tall for his/her age but is under the age limit for the Beginner / Novice divisions, what should I do?

We recommend bringing your child's birth certificate in case other parents or riders contest his/her age.

Do the jumps in the Open 2'0" Division have fill?

The jumps in the Open 2'0" Division will have small fill in front or at the sides of the fences but there will not be any oxer elements included in the courses. 

My horse needs a special piece of tack/equipment that is not normally worn in competition, can you make an exception?

Send us a message and we can discuss your horse's individual needs. Most often, decisions regarding the use of "illegal" equipment/tack are at the judge's discretion.

Can I register for the show on the day?

We offer pre-registration through our website for your convenience, however we do take entries on show day and we DO NOT charge a post-entry fee. Pre-registration will close at 3:00pm Friday evening before the competition weekend. 

Is there a cut-off time for registration on show day?

Riders in the first two divisions of the day must be registered by 8:00am, otherwise, riders must be registered for their preferred division begins.

I live further away, can you tell me when my division will start?

We do take the majority of our entries on show day, so it is difficult to give precise division start times. We do live-tweet division results and updates throughout our show days to give people the ability to follow along and estimate arrival times. Follow us @EdenviewEq!

Do you offer schooling outside of Open Schooling days?

Of course! Private schooling is booked in one hour sessions and costs $40 per horse/rider combination. Send us a message to book a day!